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I have mentioned it a few times previously on site, the fact that I am completely in love with Papel Picado!  There is just something about the Mexican art of decorative craft made out of paper cut into elaborate designs that not only resonates with me, but many couples a like.  Papel Picado can transcend anything from casual affairs to more upscale elevated fetes.  Our couple today, Jasmine Moir & Nick Firchau, used simple white papel picado bunting to gently sway overhead sweetly adorning the Hacienda Dona Andrea.  The vibe overall is a relaxed yet upscale southwestern touch with everything from the bride’s gorgeous gown to the perfect farmer’s market flowers to give the full feel!

What Storyboard Likes…

Refined Elegance– Whether this was always the game plan or not, this stunning fete at Hacienda Dona Andrea features an air of sophistication, refinement & class.  The location itself lends itself to a cinematic ideal of the perfect backdrop for a diplomatic soiree,  though its truly the perfectly reserved choices in decor, floral & personal style that elevate the day to an elegant hum.  Jasmine & Nick have a presence about them & their day is a finger print of them.

Paper Art– I know, I know, its paper, but its pretty paper!!  I think the best part about papel picado as a decor element is either you can easily source it from Etsy, OR if your willing to give it a go, its a wonderful DIY project for the big day that certainly will take minimal amounts out of your budget.  There is a whimsy & playfulness that it brings, but as you can see here, keep it simple, keep it white & it can also take on a much more elevated form!

Orange You Glad– I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but I am absolutely crushing on Jasmine’s orange Dahlias!!  As far as I can tell, its the only injection of orange in the day, which I love, & they seem to perfectly compliment her personal style.  There is just something about the color however, that I can’t get enough of…  Its like an orange creamsicle dream!  The fullness, the petal shape, the unique soft orange hue, I am in love with these blooms!


A Note From The Bride…

“We chose the venue because we loved the view and the isolated nature of the venue — and the fact that it is informal and we could have the run of the place. The only traditions we’re including are first dance and father of the bride/mother of the groom dance. Flowers are relaxed and from the farmer’s market, and we’re giving out sage sticks as favors. Most importantly, we just want people to be relaxed and we would love to portray the candid, casual atmosphere.”


Vendor Love

Venue: Hacienda Dona Andrea | Caterer: Marja Catering | Photographer: Ashley Davis Photography