Why It Works Wednesday: Indigo Crushing On Early Fall Organic Weddings

Storyboard Wedding Why It Works Wednesday

Transitioning from a late summer early fall time wedding can be a bit tricky, so how does one exactly navigate those waters effectively?  Lush pinks, billowy purples, heavy floral blooms & all things summer aren’t exactly your vision, but then again neither is the dictionary definition of fall either.  While orange is fine and dandy, your not looking to embody all things storybook New England.  So the question becomes, where do you go from here for those early fall organic weddings?

Indigo Organic Tablescape Early Fall Wedding Martha Stewart Ryan Liebe *Photographs by Ryan Liebe

The answer lays across the color wheel from autumn’s favorite mascot orange, in the form of blue, more specifically, Indigo.  Indigo is a rich deep lush hue from the blue family that is bold & wonderfully earthy.  Sounds a bit ridiculous I know, but what I mean to convey is that indigo is this terrific shade of blue that is deep in tone all the while retaining its blue qualities not venturing into the blue-black world.  Indigo also has a real homespun earth loving essence to it, the beauty to that fact is that the leap from color to theme is a short one.  As late summer early fall typically signifies that last big bountiful harvest that we will get before the winter,  its easy to see the connection with a wedding during that time of year that might highlight eco-friendly sensibilities.  As Indigo is such a strong color that evokes such a rich earthy feel, its the perfect base color for an early fall organic wedding!

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that when I found the perfect example of a tablescape that embodied these 2 elements, indigo & organic, it was from the maven herself, Martha Stewart.  While its only a photo editorial, for those loving certain details to the design, your in luck, as the majority of the tablescape has DIY instructions to recreate them yourselves, even including the saw table assembly!

                         Indigo Organic Tablescape Early Fall Wedding Martha Stewart Ryan Liebe Saw Table              Indigo Organic Tablescape Early Fall Wedding Martha Stewart Ryan Liebe 1

So what is it about this tablescape that jives so perfectly?  For starters, the large indigo place mats, on a simple organic cotton, are a real attention grabber but as they feature a one solid deep hue, they are gentle on the eyes.  The use of the material is ace here as it repeats and emphasizes the organic theme.  Next up are a mix of kitchen towels as napkins in a mix of easy stripped patterns providing the table with a bit of movement.  The big unique piece here are the potted herb centerpieces, which are such simple perfection its mind numbing!  Naturally the potted herbs are a home run in the I love nature department, but beyond that, think about it, when was the last time you went to any function  that highlighted these aromatic beauties!  Using herbs as such a focal point will instantly set your wedding to stand out and if a non-cookie cutter wedding is your hope, this is right up your alley!  The blend of the colors, the natural elements & textures bring together a tablescape that is wonderfully harmonious and pleasing to enjoy, which is the point after all!

While this set up as is might not be the most high glam of inspiration pieces, there are ways to elevate everything.  Like the hanging basket lights, but arent really into baskets?  No problem, spray paint those babies gold metallic.  Looking to infuse more of a high caliber touch into the table, work with gilded elements, like gold rimmed plates, gold flateware, even gilded animal escort cards.  Present the herbs in a variety of other ways, there is no rule saying they need to be individually potted, with a mix of big lush white blooms.  Inject crystal, vases, and so much more, indigo & organic is simply a base.  If you want something more homespun, then take a page right out of Martha’s book, if you’re seeking a more chic affair, reinvent with a base of indigo for your early fall organic wedding!