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Intimate Wind Chime Elopement

Keeping things simple and intentional was at the core of Audrey and Jason’s wedding. The pair first met at the National Book Awards gala and were inspired by Arthur Rackham’s illustrations for ‘Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm’ for their wedding design. After originally planning a 125-person wedding, the couple stripped everything down to keep things intimate and personal with their 10 guests.

For the ceremony, the plan was to have musicians accompany them down the aisle path. Getting creative with the pandemic, the couple gathered seven sets of wind chimes, ranging from 12 to 90 inches long, for guests to carry. The result was a magical parade of chimes as the wedding party made their way to the ritual space. The groom’s mother sewed all seven of the silk cords for the handfasting ritual. Each cord was a different color and represented a distinct element that corresponded to a special vow or promise the couple wanted to make to each other. They also lit a candle for each guest who could not be present in person. Unlike many COVID couples, they opted not to stream or broadcast the ceremony to maintain the focus on the intimate circle surrounding them. The end result was a beautiful and emotion filled day that turned the couple into advocates for small weddings. Scroll to see the beautiful images captured by Amy Sims Photography.

elopement-Amy Sims-001
elopement-Amy Sims-002
elopement-Amy Sims-003
elopement-Amy Sims-004
elopement-Amy Sims-005
elopement-Amy Sims-006
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elopement-Amy Sims-025
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