Low Key & Low Fuss Equal One Awesome Laid Back Lyon’s Farmette Wedding

Not everyone craves that cookie cutter wedding day that we see all too often.  When Christi Tucay & Noah Clark’s big day came, they knew they wanted nothing to do with what everyone else was doing.  Finding the ideal location in Lyon’s Farmette, our sweet couple set out to create a day that celebrated the guests as much as them as a couple.  Marrying along a long tree branch, our couple embraced the outdoor venue, treating guests to a long tabled reception light by bare bulbs & table cloths that doubled as chalkboard canvases.  The day was kept light & airy, allowing the 2 sweethearts to go with the flow & truly feel themselves on their day.


What Storyboard Likes…

The Vibe– The big goal for Christi & Noah’s wedding was a day that was low key, low fuss that essentially bucked all the cookie cutter traditional wedding day notions.  The sweet couple instead organized a day that, to me, resembles that of an elevated awesome backyard wedding.  I loved the casual vibe & joyous atmosphere where our couple let guests celebrate with them in their own way, not in a regimented fashion!

Chalk Talk– Chalkboards as wedding decor seem to have hit any all time high of late, but I LOVE Christi & Noah’s twist on chalk talk!  Whether the idea was always black table cloths that people could write on or someone went all Banksy on them setting the tone, I am not quite sure, but the end result is graffiti awesomeness.  Giving your guests something to do & play around with always sets the stage for some pretty fun memories!

The Lovebirds‘I’m sweet on you’ That should be Christi & Noah’s motto as a couple because its pretty clear to me that they are mega sweet on each other!  Its also evident to me how much they lean on the other for life, love & support.  There is a certain dimpled smile that neither can control, when looking at the other, that seems to melt the entire world around them away.  Its the sweet almost bashful love from each that resonates with me so much!

Novella Of The Couple…

Like many couples, we met at work. It was Christi’s second job out of college and Noah’s first. It was an advertising agency and we happened to sit directly across from each other in the office. While working together on a number of our clients, we developed a friendship outside of work and would have described ourselves as “best friends.” We did absolutely everything together and lived only a few blocks a way from each other in Culver City, CA. It wasn’t until Christi moved on to another job, however, that we started dating. And six years later, well, we got married.

It was important to us that the wedding stayed small and simple. There was no theme, no real agenda, no professional decorations and no real structure. Having been to dozens of weddings over the years that follow the same cliché format (ceremony, sit down dinner, speeches, father/daughter dance, first dance, money dance, cheesy DJ music, etc.) we made a point of going the opposite direction. It was low budget and low on frills on purpose.  We knew we wanted to be outside to take advantage of the beautiful Colorado summers. But we also knew that we wanted something intimate versus sprawling. The Lyons Farmette was the perfect size and had the perfect mix of grass area, farm area, and creek area.

The wedding was a true group effort. Our aunts, uncles, brothers, best friends, moms and dads did everything from setup the tables to arrange the flowers to pickup up the hay bails and buy the table cloths. Its hard to pin down one “favorite” moment, but sharing a hug and the magnitude of the moment with our parents directly after the ceremony was incredibly emotional, gratifying.

Vendor Love

Caterer:  Pizzeria Basta
Event Venue:  Lyon’s Farmette
Photographer:  Ashley Davis Photography