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Micro Wedding in a Secluded Italian Forest

For inspiration on a woodsy, vintage wedding – you won’t want to miss this feature. This story of photos evokes a flood of intimate and romantic emotions. In a tucked-away nook of a luscious forest held the purest micro wedding for a stunning bride and groom. Bottego dei Fiori di Ezio de Angelis (florist) created the most stunning arrangements, including a large, beautifully-shaped bouquet for the bride. The stationary from Wedding Stationery Italia was very natural-themed and simplistic. The bride stunned in her Officina di Cucitura gown and glam by Your Beauty Team. This show-stopping team was lead by the amazing Guya Weddings and captured by Martina Ruffini.

What was your design inspiration?

I let myself be inspired by the magic power of nature. Villa di Striano is an eclectic location, full of suggestive angles. Both the interiors and the exteriors are full of charm. One forest, in particular, caught my attention. In the middle of the woods, I found a staircase and a small terrace overlooking the woods. As soon as I saw it, I immediately imagined and dreamed of a ceremony in the middle of the woods. And here, with the help of talented collaborators, we were able to create a magical atmosphere, of a micro wedding in the woods.

Describe your flowers.

The flowers chosen are flowers that blend well with the natural atmospheres of outdoor environments. A meticulous search was made for flowers that reflected the color palette, made of warm and natural tones, with references to autumn tones. These are seasonal and local flowers, very trendy and extremely romantic coffee and milk dahlias, cappuccino roses, English roses, garlic flowers, another particularity of garlic, the skeleton leaves in shades of mother of pearl. Naturally, the 18th century villa immersed in the woods needed these types of flowers. The selection of flowers was naturally also made on the basis of the clothes chosen and the model’s body, with colors that would have been well matched to her too.

Tell us about your attire choices.

I wanted to create an atmosphere of other times, immersed in nature, with a slightly melancholy and a little dreamy flavor. The choice of models was also meticulous, because they had to play well the role of two deep, delicate spouses, not gaudy or gaudy. The delicacy was the watchword that guided us in every choice of this shooting.

Please describe any DIY, handmade or personal details.

Wire flowers were created in copper tones that matched the style and mood of the micro wedding shooting in the woods. The wedding ring was also created using the irregular branches of the trees in the forest.


The below wedding pros made this amazing event happen. See more of their work by visiting their website.