Ok I cheated… its not 100% black and white but the few images that aren’t deliver just as deeply in the moody beautifullness as their B&W kin.  Pacific Northwest wedding photographer Kel Ward Photography dropped a treat on us all in the form of a gorgeously moody boudoir session, shot in home, that uses the strength & power that is film like quality.  The story is simple, gorgeous Jessica captured in her own environment, surrounded by natural light, with the beauty of contrast to tell the story.  A mark of a great B&W shooter is someone who realizes that they should not be afraid of contrast, the powerful highlights and the even more powerful shadows.  To know just to to play with the exposure so that detail isn’t lost, simply translated into a more profound way, is the real beauty.  Kel Ward does a gorgeous job of bringing this boudoir session to life in a way that is so much more.  The use of black and white, along with Kel’s eye transforms & elevates the simple boudoir session into something more more resembling true art.  I love a great black and white session, an art that needs to be brought to life so much more often!

*All Images By Kel Ward Photography