There certainly is something incredible sexy about a beautiful Parisian parlor dont you think?  Maybe its the high ceilings, maybe its the ornate renaissance inspired moldings & furnishings….either way,  there is a certain je ne sais quoi to a beautiful Parisian apartment, non?  The kind that makes you want to act out your own Marie Antoinette inspired naughtiness!  Lord knows when I am in Paris, I certainly get inspired to be a little bit extra sexy myself!  I adore the idea of a boudoir session centered around the hotness that is drummed up from the Paris heat, in this case, two extra lovely femme fatales taking center stage.  These gals are clearly in control, sophisticated and refined, donning little but their most gorgeous lingerie.  There is a lovely polish to the over all shoot and you cant escape the pomp and circumstance they exude and adore it.  This boudoir is a real treat & I love the celebration of two such wonderfully regal sirens all gorgeously captured by fellow siren Jaime Davis Photography!


Vendor Love

Location: Wonderland Studios | Makeup Artist: Hannah Lorain ArtistryJewelry: always ari | Personal Stylist: Styled By Connie | Photographer: Jaime Davis Photography