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I love how spot on styled shoots can be, even when they dont mean to.  Case in point is this truly AH-dorable Pretty In Pink spring fever shoot!  The idea is fresh poppy vibrant colors that take you that spring tingle along with some super fun whimsical elements.  This sweetheart bride is styled in an adorable short rosette gown from Ivy and Aster, which is paired with a bright pink cardigan & matching thick pink tights!  The cardie & tights are two amazing elements that, given the freakish overly cold weather that most of the country is dealing with right now, is incredibly spot on!  Spring brides are brides that always run the risk of getting either truly phenomenal weather or weather to snuggle up to!  The use of elements like a wrap or cardie, along with thick tights not only transcends a bride into a fun quirky persona, they keep her quite warm too!  Spring and even fall weddings often give couples the chance to wear some extra layers, really giving them the chance to pick some  statement pieces that really show of their personalities!  {SBW Note: I’ll touch on some of the fun styling details after the gallery!}


SBW Styling Notes:

When fun, bright & whimsical are some of the buzz words for your wedding planning, there are a few great things to remember when coming up with the style for your day. Much as I noted in my intro, dont be afraid to play with non-traditional elements when crafting your bridal style.  In addition to the perfect cardie & tights, our bride is wearing one gorgeous crown of fresh florals.  What I really love about this particular crown is that they weren’t afraid to play with big full blooms.  These big blooms provide a sense of wonder all themselves bringing the whimsy to life!  Keeping with the gorgeous florals for just another moment, the centerpieces are utterly divine & play perfectly into bright & fun!  What makes this arrangement work so well is what I love to call structured chaos.  Its very clear to see that the arrangement was skillfully put together, with plenty of thought into what went where and why.  However its the use of various long leafy greens the expertly hang out of the arrangement that keep you on your toes, really bringing in that sense of chaos, order in chaos though!

Lets be honest, everybody loves toys.  So why not work a few stellar props into your day!  Balloons are great, streamer balloons are waaay better and waaay cooler!  Get creative when your putting together your streamer balloons, use anything from thick gorgeous lace, to simple bakers or farm twine to attach to your balloons.  Additional florishes are really fun touches, in the case like our couple here with hearts drifting down from the balloons.  Lastly, unique props like our couple’s bow & arrows are beyond super cute!  Just make sure that the props you use truly work into your day and fit the overall feel, dont force anything, and it will indeed be lovely!

Cakes are a terrific way to really punctuate whatever your overall wedding vibe is.  Dont be afraid to choose bold looks in the cake design department that really reflect how you want your day to feel.  In this case the three tier decadent treat has three distinctly unique looks from the piped rosettes which pay homage to our brides gown, the simple clean white background mid-layer which is finished with multicolored hearts, & a top petite tier which is covered in a ribbon like look, all finished with a gorgeous giant sugar rose.  Each of these elements in some way relates to portions of the wedding beyond that of just the colors.  The rosettes in the dress, the hearts & ribbons in the balloon streamers & on the bridal bouquet, and the giant rose for the large gorgeous blooms!  This cake is as much of a fingerprint of the wedding as the entire package itself!

Vendor Love

Floral design and Fashion Styling: Janie Medley Flora Design from The Bride’s Cafe / Creative Direction and Styling: Dana FitzGerald / Dress: Ivy and Aster from Bella Bridesmaid in Richmond, VA / Cake: Candy Valley Cake Company / Makeup: Emily Hudspeth / Invitations: Page Stationery / Venue: Historic Mankin Mansion / Models: Tori + Aaron of Marvelous Things Photography / Flowers: Fifty Flowers / Photographer: Gina Petersen Photography