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Rustic Elegance Countryside Wedding in Maine

Maine is the region where we’re telling another love story today, but there’s always a variable when it comes to love. (Read the hilarious story below!) After Taylor and Chad’s interesting run-in and a few years of creating their story, with the help of vendors like Katelyn Mallett Photography, the duo ventured to an idyllic farm to host their rustic elegance countryside wedding in Maine with a collection of their nearest and dearest.

The Barn at Silver Oaks Estate has a neutral-toned wood on its interior that styles effortlessly with a numerous amount of motifs. Taylor had her heart set on “greenery, twinkle lights… blush pink and sage green with either gold or rose gold complements” and it worked in so well with the interior detailing and the vast greenery of the landscape. We posted a variety of photos from this day, just because we want all of you to imagine that summery Maine breeze like we did.

How did you meet?

Chad and I have a typical story when it came to how we met with a twist of course. We were both attending college at the University of Maine. We were set up by a mutual friend, Chad needed a date to his fraternity formal and I really wanted an excuse to get dolled up and experience my first real fraternity party. Of course we had to meet in person first!

So there I was sitting down next to my girl friend, super nervous to meet him, when she nudges me and said that’s him! I looked up and saw him standing in the doorway, but not coming in. I quickly grew confidence and shouted his name and invited him over to sit with us. He responded by continuing to stand in the doorway, this time eyes-wide staring down at the floor, I could tell he was nervous either that or he wanted nothing to do with me. All I could think was how that was the shortest relationship ever! After all, I wasn’t about to walk up and talk to him and make him come sit down with me, he was a total stranger as far as I was concerned.

But then, fate happened during the most unlikely time. An inebriated gentleman In the corner started to throw-up, and before I knew it Chad was running over asking for my hand and invited me down stairs with him. Needless to say I was thankful for the gentleman because it was the push he needed to make a move, and the rest is history!

What is your proposal story?

We had plans to stay in Acadia National Park for my birthday weekend, if it was not for that, I swear I could have figured out he was going to propose but he was smart by doing it on my birthday. On the drive up he asked if I wanted to stop at University of Maine’s Witter Farm, where I used to spend the majority of my time in college. I told him I would love that as he knows how special that place is to me.It was my getaway from the stress of school, where I rode and cared for retired racing horses. He then asked me to open my gift from him for my birthday. My initial thought was, “Why would I open his gift now? Wouldn’t I wait until a romantic dinner out with him that night?” Another part of me did want to open it, as Chad is an amazing gift-giver and it was my birthday after all. My greedy side won and I opened while going through a toll booth on our way up north to our old alma mater.

As I opened it, I was slightly disappointed though, it was a silver ring that had a plate with the words “Embrace Change” engraved on it. Of course I put my happy face on and told him I loved it as it was really cute. Deep down though, I could not help but think we were rewinding, what was this a promise ring? He knew I was ready to get married whenever he was.

Fast forward to our arrival at Witter Farm, we ran into the calf barn to visit the babies, they are so much fun to take selfies with. As I was petting their fluffy black and white faces, I noticed Chad was acting a little different, more quiet than usual, but I figured he knew how much I missed being there, and I continued to love on the calves. After visiting the heifers and the milking cows, we made our way out to the horse paddocks. As we were walking hand in hand, I was struck with a memory, another time we were there together.

Chad and I did not have the most smooth start after the fraternity party incident, what we did know was that we both liked each other but with summer coming up, was it enough to pursue a relationship? I was returning for my second summer working at Carriages of Acadia on Mount Desert Island, and he was taking a chemistry class at UMaine and living in his fraternity house. We both struggled with how it would work out logistically once school ended. It came to the point where I actually decided to go on a date with another guy because he stopped returning my texts for a few weeks. I figured our short romance had come to an end; that is how college worked right? I met a guy online who also attended UMaine and agreed to have lunch on campus, only lunch not a romantic dinner out or anything, I was not ready for that. We met up and I have to say I had a good time, he was tall and handsome, destined to be an ER surgeon and he grew up taking care of horses in his back yard, sounds perfect right? But still, something was missing. Towards the end, he asked me what my plans were that night, and I was honest with him, barn chores at Witter Farm. He asked me if he could come with, I thought it was a little weird but agreed that would be fine and I offered to pick him up.

As I was bringing in the last few horses for the night, I noticed how much this random guy I met online seemed to love petting and being with the horses, I started to consider maybe going out with him again. My fellow barn chore workers could not help but ask “Where was Chad?” As they knew I had been seeing him for a little while, I told them it just did not work out. 

As I was pulling out of Witter Farm, trying to listen to this guy talking about meeting up again. I could not help but think of my fraternity boy crush. I looked in my rear view mirror and I could not believe it, there driving behind me, was the most beat up Ford pick-up truck. I’m talking duct tape on the bumper beat up, but I recognized it, it was Chad. I slowed down in the hopes he might recognize my car. He ended up turning into his fraternity house and I went on my way with my online date in the passenger seat. I dropped him off at his place, letting him know I had a good time but not quite ready for anything serious, and quickly retreated back to my own apartment. I could not help but think, “Was seeing him in my rear view a sign?”

I woke up that morning, surprised to find to a text from Chad, basically saying he was reconsidering and he was sorry he did not respond to me he wanted to meet me that morning; the text was from 2:00 A.M. I responded with, “Meet me at my apartment in 1 hour.” Luckily it was nice out, and I threw on a dress, brushed my hair, and did my makeup to the best of my ability, I was nervous.

He pulled up in his old beat up pick-up truck and I hopped in, secretly excited to see him, he asked where I wanted to go? I responded as sternly as I could, “I think you can guess.” He guessed right, as we pulled up to Witter Farm, after what felt like the longest 5 minute drive of my life. I got out of the truck and walked among the paddocks, and the horses perked their ears at us, probably feeding off the anxiety we were feeling. After a short while walking around in silence, he took my hand and told me he was able to get a car for that summer and how he likes the Acadia area (where I was working), and he would love to come visit me and pursue a “long-distance” relationship if I still wanted to. I hugged and kissed him in agreement, I was so happy. Turns out, he recognized my car the night before too, he also saw it as a sign. 

Back to my birthday weekend, standing out in the paddock fields where we had been 3 years earlier, he started talking about our relationship and how much he loved me, how much he wanted to be with me forever. I almost blurted out, “Are your proposing to me right now?!” Luckily I caught myself but missed the kind words he was saying, as my mind was filled with that thought. Then my suspicions were confirmed, and while getting down on one knee, he pulled a ring out of his jacket and opened it, there staring at me was a diamond, but I could not help but stare at him, and see that he was crying just like me. Needless to say, my answer was yes.

What was the most important to the two of you while planning? Was there anything that you chose to splurge on or skip?

The only thing you could say we sort of skipped was a large cake for all our guests. Chad and I decided to get a “smaller” cake, (it was still big) for the cake cutting part of the wedding, which happened to not go quite as planned, but does that part ever? In front of all our guests, each holding cake in our hands ready to romantically feed one another, I whispered to Chad ” Can I?” and he nodded, so I smashed it in his face, aiming for the nose/mouth, but instead I accidentally hit him in the nose and brushed it across his face into his ear, which must have startled him because he smashed it back in my face, all while listening to “Sugarpie Honey Bunch”.

I got it all over the side of his face, and I was laughing so hard I was crying, it was an unforgettable moment. To satisfy our guests’ sweet tooth, we went with the Maine theme of Wicked Whoopies whoopie pies, in mixed flavors, they were delicious as I ended up sneaking a couple myself.

Something that we did that really made the weekend complete is rent out lakeside cabins near the venue for our bridal party to stay. We thought it would be a casual fun way for everyone to get to know one another. Our immediate family and our own “Honeymoon” cabin was only a short walk away, it was a wedding getaway for all, and the weather was perfect. 

What were your favorite parts of the day?

Chad’s favorite part of the day was right before the ceremony, picture this: two very large barn doors sticking out of the outdoor aisle to cover the Bride from being seen while walking out the barn towards the aisle. We cracked the doors open just slightly, I was on one side, him on the other. and we held hands and spoke to each other for the first time since the night before.

His other favorite part was the “shoe game”, basically we sat in chairs back to back, one hand holding his shoe to represent him, my other hand holding my shoe representing myself. The D.J. would ask a question, “Who is the better cook?” Both of us lifted up his shoe because he is, without a doubt, a better cook. That was so much fun, at one point he was so sure the answer was me he threw my shoe up in the air! Katelyn Mallet Photography got the best photo of that. What is funny is I am sitting on the other side holding his up, I still wonder what the question must have been!

My favorite part was our first dance. We spent hours sifting through Spotify trying to find the song that best represented us with the appropriate amount of sappiness. We even created a mix of songs early on the in the wedding-planning process and had planned to do a funny comical dance to it, but we both ended up chickening out on that. We settled on Adele singing “Make You Feel My Love.” After that it was up to us to create a dance to go with the music. We did not want to hire a professional choreographer, that seemed too intense to us both. I had nine years of dance experience with–unfortunately–very little to show for it. I watched hours of Youtube videos and was able to throw a little something together, mostly consisting of the box step and dipping, we probably practiced it a total of three times, it is a miracle he did not drop me.

Somehow though after the DJ announced us for the first time and husband and wife, we pulled it off, and I thought I would have been so nervous, as I have bad stage fright. I ended up running off the stage once when I was performing back in my days as a dancer but I loved being up there dancing with my husband for the first time in front of all of our loved ones. It was one of the best moments of my life.

Another fond memory we have is sneaking out of the barn during the reception with Katelyn, our photographer, and her husband and walking down to the field where the cocktail hour had been. Luckily for us, the venue was nice and intimate and it was only a short walk down the hill. There, we were surrounded by twinkle lights and close enough to hear the music, and Katelyn just started snapping photos of Chad twirling me in my dress.I swear, I must have twirled a hundred times that day, I loved my dress so much.

At this point I had taken my hair down, from the low bun to a half-up, half-down style as planned out by my hair dresser, Maine Bridal Beauty. Just a couple of hair ties cut out and voila, a beautiful hair-do for the reception! I struggled to decide on how to wear my hair, but this way, to quote Hannah Montana, I had the best of both worlds. Anyway, hanging out under the twinkle lights, was when it truly dawned on me that was I had just married the love of my life! That time we had together under the stars helped to fuel our introverted selves after the wedding festivities and allowed everything to slow down just a little bit. It was magical.

Do you have any advice for couples planning their weddings now?

Our advice for couples planning their wedding is please know that as much pressure as planning a wedding is realize that you can ask for help. Do not do it all on your own, most family members and friends want to be there helping and experiencing it with you.

Try to find a venue that does it all and has most necessities included. You may see the perfect spot and sign the dotted line, only to find out chairs, tables, even bathrooms are not included, and that is when wedding planning can start feel like a money pit.

Do not allow it to fly by, stop and live in the moment, like we did when we snuck away from the reception. It is okay to take time for yourselves at that point!

Do not panic over every little mishap, they are going to happen, and in the end you will realize it made your day all the more special.

My last piece of advice is remember to eat the meal that you payed so much to have catered. You will need the energy and you deserve to enjoy it!