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{SBW GB: Lingerie Lesbian} Naughty Lingerie Gifts for the Bride

Movies always show that one friend of the bride who is crazy, outgoing and makes everyone uncomfortable by doing something crassly sexual, like giving anal beads to the bride’s grandmother. Now, I know they’re just movies, but they act like trying to give a sexy gift to the bride is doomed to fail! I disagree—there are plenty of classy, yet sexy, gifts that you can give a bride that would be fun on the wedding night (or the honeymoon). In the ideal scenario, your present should bring a blush to the bride’s face, not make her want to sink into the floor with shame—and hopefully should bring you a whispered ‘thank you’ at some point down the line.

Naughty Lingerie Gifts binding brief

[FYI by Dani Read Binding Briefs $57.60]

I love these FYI by Dani Read Binding Briefs because they are both beautiful and a little bit kinky. The white color is perfect for a bride and the long ties allow for a lot of creativity when it comes to tying yourself up. This is definitely for a bride who wants to dabble in the art of bondage while still wearing lovely and unusual knickers.

Naughty Gifts for the Bride KikiDM Massage Candle

[Kiki de Montparnasse Massage Candle, $50]

This Kiki de Montparnasse massage candle is a sensual rather than truly ‘naughty’ gift—which is why I think it would make a spectacular gift. Although this is not exactly a lingerie gift, it is similarly intimate (and sold by a lingerie company, no less). The way this massage candle works is that you light it and as it melts you can use the liquid as massage oil to rub on your partner. Is there anything more romantic than that?

Naughty Gifts for the Bride Fraulein Kink

[Fraulein Kink Ana Fringe Blindfold, €59.00]

Fraulein Kink is one of my favorite purveyors of naughty lingerie accessories. Every piece is pretty, delicate and feminine with a kinky edge. This fringe blindfold is a great piece, both because sensory deprivation is fun to experiment with and because this piece is so lovely to look at.  {SBW Note: I completely love these!  Not in the I have tried them & am speaking from experience sense, but in the they are super lovely to look at and I thiiiiiiink we might have to get them, kind of way!}

Naughty Gifts for the Bride Bordelle Leather Nipplets

[Bordelle Bow Leather Nipplets, £55]

I’m not sure cute is exactly the right word for these Bordelle nipplets/pasties, but that does seem like an apt description doesn’t it? The red bows are so bold and playful, they seem like a perfect naughty accessory to whip out during a honeymoon. Plus, they have huge sexiness factor for the tiny amount of space they take up, not to mention suitcase space!

Naughty Lingerie Gifts for the Bride Kiki DM panties

[Kiki de Montparnasse French Lesson Panty Set, $495]

These Kiki de Montparnasse panties are practically educational! Called “French Lesson” panties, each pair has a phrase ranging from “Aime-moi” (love me) to “Leche-moi” (lick me) that should give the married couple plenty to keep busy with. (They come individually, as well as in a set, if you don’t want to splurge for all of them).

Naughty Lingerie Gifts for the Bride Agent Provocateur charades game

[Agent Provocateur Charades Game, $35]

I’m really not sure that there is anything sexier than a sense of humor, which is why this Agent Provocateur charades set is among my favorite pieces on the list. Whether you’re laughing or panting, this seems like a perfect way to have some hilarious, naughty fun. This is probably at the top of my list for perfect naughty gifts—you’re giving not just an object but an experience, too.

So: would you give these as gifts to a bride? Would you want to get these if you were the bride? Which is your favorite?

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