Having literally just gotten back from the beach myself, I gotta say I am particularly taken with the idea of not just a beach boudoir, but one that features a gorgeous veil from Kelly Spence as a centerpiece.  Set along the Carolina coastline just off Charleston, JoPhoto crafted a twilight vision using the beautiful warm rays, rolling surf and driftwood castaways to paint this dreamy beach boudoir session.  The beauty is in the simplicity.  Donning the perfect negligee that simply teased, paired only with the floor sweeping veil,  Allison’s Charleston boudoir was playful and coy.  While JoPhoto does a gorgeous job giving us the usual artful boudoir moments, its those that take the veil out of its clean crisp environment that the magic really begins to happen.  There is something so truly naughty about taking such a delicate thing as a veil, getting grains of sand & sea debris twisted within, and ultimately plunging into the blue sea with it.  Something innocent all while a bit mischievous, that beautifully echoes the heart of boudoir.


Vendor Love

Photographer:  JoPhoto | Bridal Accessories: Kelly Spence | Film Processing: PhotoVision