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Becci and Hugo have known each other since they were 12. Growing up together in England, they have been together for many years. This celebration was a commitment to each other and to their children. They are both casual but have real class & elegance, exuding both in their laid back Colorado wedding.  Hugo is the head chef and part owner at the Kitchen Restaurants in Boulder and Denver. Community is very important to them as well as family and friends which were on hand to witness & partake in the celebration of their family.  Pastures of Plenty was chosen as their venue as it is a working local farm with which Hugo and Becci have a special relationship with, along with other farmers in the community, as they use their produce and meat in the restaurant. Pastures of Plenty specifically, is one of the produce vendors for the Kitchen Restaurants. Hugo and Becci have known Lyle and Sylvia, the owners, for a long time and were instrumental in ushering in the Farm to Table movement in Boulder, Colorado!  Hugo and Becci have two boys together and made sure that there were lots of activities for the many children at the wedding including a bouncy slide, plastic swords, big bubbles!   The kids were celebrated & included resulting in their having as much fun as the adults!


What Storyboard Likes…

The Attitude– Its pretty evident from this gorgeous wedding that our couple’s main focus was putting together a laid back casual atmosphere that guests would be utterly at ease in while enjoying that last bit of warmth that the end of summer/early fall gives us.  The feeling starts with our couple’s cool casual wedding day chic style, flowing all the way to the kids obvious enjoyment playing with bubbles!

The Tent– Where you hang your hat, as they say, is indeed important, but equally as important is where you place your bum!  This swanky yet relaxed casbah is major swoon worthy.  The extra pieces of draped lighter fabric to the vault of the tent give  a more opaque feel that really bring a sense of lightness & movement to the room.  Countering that loftiness, a strong yet not obtrusive chandelier hangs in the center giving the eye some fun to play with. Bringing things back down to earth, the natural wood tables & matching chairs ground our casbah while touches like kitchen towel napkins & small terracotta potted plants give the guests a down home feel to life bringing you back to the overall casual feel to the wedding!

The Picnic Blanket Ceremony– Wood benches are always a sweet homey touch at a weddings, so why not take things one step further, truly letting your guests feel comfy & at home while watching you celebrate your love. Its pretty evident from the photo that more then a few guests were equally tickled by this seating option, allowing them relax while joining in!

The Food Display– I am a big big fan of caterer’s that put forth extra effort to be a part of the decor show too!  We are truly loving the natural wood elements that Big Bang Catering is playing with, everything from wood slabes to hand carved out oblong bowls.  Each serving area is perfectly finished with elements of fruit & floral really elevating the overall look of the foodie offerings, making them a natural co-star to the big day!  Might I even say, we imagine with presentation like this, the food tastes that much more amazing!

Vendor Love

Venue: Pastures of Plenty
Caterer: Big Bang Catering
Florist: Sturtz and Copeland
Baker: Nathan Miller Chocolates
Wedding Dress: Vintage find by Bride
Shoe Designer: Jimmy Choo
Music: Selasse
Photographer: Ashley Davis Photography