Bridal Portraits

Texas Chic Rustic Country Bridals

All too often when we hear anything remotely country related, we default to a vision that is a bit raw, unpolished and not completely refined or sophisticated.  The reality is that country weddings can be just as refined as any, case in point like is this lovely bridal session from Photography by Gema.  Taking full advantage of the rustic sprawling grounds, touches like chandeliers punctuate the breezy air while an old hard wood outdoor chapel is softened by drapes of creamy white tulle.  A crisp light beige look for our groom brings a sharp polish, while his boots let us know he is still a country boy at heart.  The final piece to the puzzle is our bride, dressed in a body hugging lace gown that sweetly reveals a bare back, gorgeously accented by a textured hair style two ways, be it pinned up completely, or with the bottom pinned curls released to give a full on romantic feel.  No matter how you slice it, its hard to ignore this romantic and sophisticated side to a country affair!



*All Photographs by Photography by Gema