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Sometimes restraint is the most powerful weapon in our arsenal.  Wanting nothing more then to keep things as natural as possible, today’s phenomenal Montreal team crafted a wonderfully fresh yet rustic world at the newly opened Les Chalets du Grand Duc.  Every chalet should have its princess, our chalet has a princess made of stylish beauty where sweet tattoos are embraced.  Not one for the classic definition of a princess, our gal has wonderfully tousled hair in a modern fishtail braid, perfectly kept in a crown of pearls.  Layers playfully float around in the form of tulle, fondant & china, while thick rough cut wood chargers take center stage.  With a few choice decor elements as well as bright colorful blooms, this chalet becomes a sophisticated style land for the rustic gal who craves more from fashion & design in her life!


What Storyboard Likes…

Total Fresh Bride Package– Fresh, Bright, Youthful, Princess With A Side of Style.  These are all words that run through my mind as I take in the gorgeous bridal beauty & styling.  The team did a tremendous job staying true with their goal on inception, keeping our sweet bride, fresh & natural.  They didn’t want to cover her up with heavy makeup, rather simply work to enhance her natural beauty, including her artful tattoos as well.  Her tattoos become as much a part of her stylish princess look as does the wonderfully done tousled textured fishtail braid.  Her hair is modern and wonderfully bridal with a slight bohemian edge to it, again, fresh.  What makes our princess however are her lovely headpieces in ribbon, pearl, buttons & more.  Finding the right headpiece for the right bridal style can change an entire look, creating ethereal bridal beauty!  Every little element to our bride reflects a natural yet sweetly enhanced look, from gorgeously tousled locks to delicately done makeup, even the sweet little bow ring in place of a wedding ring, each element crafts this stylish princess!

Layer It On– When layers are done right, they can be simply divine and this session has layers in spades!  Starting with the most obvious and certainly most amazing, the fondant ruffle layer cake is as heavenly as you can get!  Perfect ivory waving layers, each unique with its own attitude.  The overall effect of such amazing layers is almost ethereal and wonderfully complimented by the full bloomed sugar peonies!  Following in suit with the layer technique are the plate settings which mimic that of our cake, layering a thick rough cut wood charger, 3 pieces of china, all finished off with an elegant tea cup.  Excellent china layering if I have ever seen it, and look at that color harmony to boot!  Lastly our gal’s gown, gorgeously layered in rows of tulle and lace.  Softly tiered, this wedding dress plays on the frilly side yet walks the line of sophistication all the same.  Layering is always in trend and one that you can never go wrong with, esp when its done with a delicate hand!

Sweet Little Details-There truly are some lovely little details when it comes to the styling of this session.  The clock is almost majestic with the perfect touch of old, the use of a utterly lovely thick hardback novel with eloquently torn pages, & the choice of the petite floral china  is superb.  I adore the vintage reclaimed wood flower box that serves as our tables centerpiece and whats more, the raised aspect to it.  Kick things up a notch by elevating them!  My favorite of all the little details however, is a simple yet magical one for me, the old iron stags head, I could not love this thing more!!!  The stags head is AH-mazing and would love to have one for myself!! What a wonderful collection of decor elements, all tied together with a unifying touch, echoing their rustic surroundings!


Vendor Love

Venue: Les Chalets du Grand Duc | Dress Boutique: Boutique Natalia Exclusif | Veils & Headpieces: Letters to Jane | Jewelry: Bijoux Mohawki | Makeup Artist: Susan Morales | Cake Designer: Gât-o | Floral Designer: Les Petites Excuses | Event Designer: La Mariée Bohème | Photographer: Sonia Bourdon Photography