Why It Works Wednesday: Unique Wedding Venue Crushing UK Edition The Eden Project

Storyboard Wedding Why It Works Wednesday

Thanks to my girls at Bespoke Bride, I have found what I quite possibly consider to be one of the most amazing unique wedding venues around, certainly a top favorite of my own!  Earlier this year, the gals featured an otherworldly real wedding that was the most magical blend of chic glamour intermixed with wonderfully cheeky whimsical touches.  While the wedding as a whole is WIWW worthy {I must insist you check out the full wedding, its incredibly wonderful!}, it’s the venue itself I want to focus in on.

Glastonbury Eden Project Wedding Bespoke Bride Alan Law Photography 1

Set in the midst of the southwestern peninsula within Cornwall England is a place the stuff that childhood dreams are made of, The Eden Project.  What exactly is the Eden Project is more of a detailed love story to Mother Nature then anything else.  Earning the title as the biggest conservatory in the world, unique beehive like bubbles containing mini worlds unto themselves, seemingly float upon outdoor gardens equally as extraordinary as their self contained friends. The secret worlds range from rainforest to Mediterranean in nature, showcasing some 70+ various profiles of plant life.

Glastonbury Eden Project Wedding Bespoke Bride Alan Law Photography 2 Glastonbury Eden Project Wedding Bespoke Bride Alan Law Photography 3

Botanical garden weddings are nothing new, I myself having been to a few here in NYC. Always lovely thanks to their often vibrant floral surroundings, botanical gardens are certainly a sought after wedding venue. So the question then is what makes Eden Project such a big draw to me. For starters, it’s the structure itself.  Often indoor gardens are contained within a building complete with its walls and concrete, featuring a glass roof. Lovely enough sure, however it’s the beehive like bubbles of Eden Project, which go from floor to ceiling, that create a certain epicness that is hard to match.  Giant oversized hexagons connect to encapsulate a small world of wonder which is only matched by the sheer magnitude of the dome itself. The simple act of creating a structure completely see through is the charm here, transforming a ceremony space into a room that becomes literally as big as the eye can see.

Glastonbury Eden Project Wedding Bespoke Bride Alan Law Photography 4

The next thing that I adore about Eden is the fact that it’s not just the ceremony that is allowed to take place within its gardens, but a sit down dinner/reception as well!  Most garden settings have their own event space room where receptions take place, something that removes you from the lush surroundings, not so at Eden Project. Nestled right into the heart of the sphere, guests get to truly take in their surroundings, the giantness of it all, all while the clear dome offers an endless view of the world. No need to be hurried away into a removed room, celebrate right along with nature!

Glastonbury Eden Project Wedding Bespoke Bride Alan Law Photography 9

As I was talking to the gals at Bespoke Bride while in London about how cool this wedding was, it dawned on all of us that this might be the one wedding where rain, even an amazing thunderstorm, would be most welcome!  How amazing would it not be to be safely and dryly secured in your own private garden, all the while a gorgeous thunderstorm carries on all around you!  Another sweet advantage is as night falls, stars become a new focal point, clearly visible overhead thanks to the see through dome. Pure magic in so many ways.

Glastonbury Eden Project Wedding Bespoke Bride Alan Law Photography 8

Naturally with a gorgeous space like this there are so many choice locales for portraits, but I think that’s a given. The draw here for me is in its completely open presentation, being one with nature all while safe from any weather related elements. Additionally, how often are you hanging out in a dome of any sort, let alone a giant one!  That in and of itself is beyond cool! There is a certain free magic to an Eden Project wedding, something that I think is pretty hard to match elsewhere. I am in love with this space, and had I known a few years ago…..  Well you get me. I am thinking vow renewal though!

**Be sure to check out the full wedding at Bespoke Bride, gorgeously photographer by Alan Law Photography**