Boudoir Sessions

Vintage Retro Pin Up Boudoir In Iconic Surroundings

I have a serious attraction to all things retro pin up style come rockabilly.  While I personally have never dabbled in personal fashion that emulates such an iconic way, I find the overall aesthetic these days completely alluring.  In my hunt of all things vintage, I ran across a new crush of mine in the form of Marilee Caruso Photography, a gal who has a deep passion for all things vintage retro pin up boudoir inspired.  Armed with creative inspiration of all kinds, Marilee creates her own throw back iconic sets as well as the styles that her girls rock with perfect hair & makeup that has stepped right out from the past.  Whether or not this type of vintage world is your thing, you truly have to admire the superb perfection with which these iconic retro pin up boudoir shoots are served up on the most wonderfully naughty of Stepford Wife like silver platters.


*Photography & Styling by Marilee Caruso Photography