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New England weddings are the stuff dreams are made of.  Gorgeous lush green ranges, soft babbling brooks, blue skies as far as the eye can see.  Vermont plays host to some of the more elegant in New England weddings, with the Trapp Family Lodge handily playing host on their breathtaking grounds.  Sarah Logan & Chris Yen celebrated their big day among the Worcester Mountain range, on a spot overlooking some of the more awe inspiring views.  After the ceremony, guests were directed to a magical birch forest for cocktails which was then followed up by a softly light tented reception.  Sarah & Chris’s wedding day seems almost effortless, filled with full smiles & love.

What Storyboard Likes…

The Ease Of It All– There are times when viewing a wedding that you can immediately get the feel & vibe for the day.  Whether it is in a simple look, a small gesture, etc, its very clear that the ‘theme’ above all themes, is simply allowing your day to gently roll you down the stream.  For me, Sarah embodies the ease of it all.  Whether something went wrong that day, I certainly could not tell you, as her smile is above all radiant & her desire to stroll throw the soft sweet grass barefoot shows how ease breezy Sarah felt on her wedding day.  I love how giddy she appears each time she locks eyes with Christopher & I love how carefree everyone seems to feel.

The Perfect Location– Its no secret as you have come to know me, that the hubs & I also got married in Vermont, actually having a family house in Stowe.  I have personally been more then a few times to the gorgeous Trapp Lodge property {we actually took some photos here on our wedding day} and let me just tell you, it is one of THE most heavenly locations around.  The wedding meadow {where Sarah & Christopher were married} is one of these most breath taking spaces, lush with green, deep with blue & bright with so many vibrant colors from all the flora, that its easy to understand why Sarah & Christopher feel in love with it.  I think the thing I appreciate most about this particular spot is the fact that even though it is so very grand, it somehow does not take away from the couple in the least.  There is a magical balance that exists there and I highly encourage any bride looking for a mountain or New England wedding, to check out this location.

Pretty As A Posie– I am all kind of loving the gorgeous florals done by Trapp Lodge.  From the bouquet to the ceremony, these are some seriously crush worthy arrangements.  The color choices are superb & I am utterly dying over the simple table arrangement of cream snapdragons, pale pink roses &  soft pink goose neck, this grouping can show up to my door anytime!  While the reception flowers were more reserved, it was the ceremony florals that spoke in volume!  I love the oversized galvanized buckets of flowers at the base of the arbor while the abundant arrangements dressed the top.  If you are a flower lover, you are sure to be as in heaven as I am!

Suits & Dresses– Honestly, the boys never get enough love when to comes to weddings.  We talk about the bride & her maids, the flowers, the sweet decor touches, but the men deserve some love too!  I am completely on board with the super smart look of Christopher & his men, dressed in sharp light beige suits, fitted with vests and what I lovingly call, “Pappy Caps’.  I find the overall look to be extremely dapper & so very well put together!  Kudos boys!  Ok naturally I have to talk about this lovely Anna Campbell gown though!!!  This fitted lace dream is  a sweet departure from the sea of strapless gowns.  Artfully sculpted lace innocently covers  part of Sarah’s chest while a gorgeous T shape in lace takes form in the back, making it as a alluring as the front.  There is an air to the gown of old aristocrat feel and the gorgeous short train only serves as an exclamation point to the perfect sentence.


Novella of the Bride…

Chris and I are both physicians and we live in Montana. We love being outdoors, running, skiing, climbing, and playing with our dogs Sophie and Lucy.  We met in the Operating room. I was in my 4th year of medical school and he was finishing his anesthesia residency. He was my resident teacher for the day. I could tell I liked him right away even in our scrub caps and masks. We started dating shortly after, and then spent a year dating across country while I was doing my intern year on the West coast and he was on the East coast. We made many trips to visit for less then 24 hrs, and then decided we had to be in the same place. So we moved to Montana. When we first met, I knew he was different. All the rules changed. I just wanted to be near him all the time. We made up  games and laughed nonstop. I never slept because I just wanted to enjoy every moment. He became my best friend, and then I realized shortly after he was the love of my life. Nothing every has been more clear to me.

We did not have one theme to our wedding. The best way I can describe it would be like a fairy tail. There was a very natural feel to our wedding.  We were married outside in a field overlooking the Green Mountains. We had a Hawaiian musician who played the ukulele during the ceremony. He sang and played “Somewhere over the rainbow” as I walked down the isle. All the bridesmaids and I were barefoot. We wanted soft colors with pinks and blues.  We had a birch alter decorated with big open flowers in pinks, peach, and blue. There were a lot of big open roses, mixed with wild flowers.  We picked Trapp Family lodge in Stowe Vermont, because my family still lives in Vermont, I grew up there, and I think its one of the most gorgeous places in VT. There are trails to run and bike on. There are gorgeous pastures, and gardens. The staff and facility is amazing. And we wanted everyone to be able to stay there for the whole weekend.  The bridesmaids dresses were flowy and soft. The groomsmen wore tan vests and white shirts.  I think one special touch was that my uncle Doug married us. We had all of our grandparents walk down the isle,  as well as readings from our best friends. It was perfect.

My favorite moment of the wedding, was walking down the isle looking out at my family and best friends, and then seeing Chris at the alter. The musician was playing “Somewhere over the rainbow” on the ukulele, and the sun warm on my face. It was just the most perfect moment. I was overwhelmed with the natural beauty of the scenery  the sense of pure happiness that I was going to get to actually marry Chris, the love of my life. It was like a  dream that came true.


Vendor Love

Venue, Florist, Caterer, Baker, Lighting & Planning: Trapp Family Lodge  | Wedding Dress: Anna Campbell  | Bridesmaid Dresses: Saja NYC  | Hair & Makeup: Salon Salon | Groom’s Suit: Astor and Black  | Invitations: Carey Bunker  | Music: Josh Cho  | Photographer: Kathleen Landwehrle