Boudoir Sessions

White Wedding Boudoir ~ The Classic Bride Gets Sexy

Frequently boudoir is associated with a present that one would give their significant other on their wedding day.  I don’t often see a direct literal wedding related interpretation  of what a boudoir session could be.  Today’s boudoir session is very much that, a white wedding gone sexy!  Our lovely gal is dressed in the most perfect white lingerie ensemble, something one  could easily believe to be hiding under her dress on the big day.  Add in the long flowing veil & lush cream bouquet with fresh green touches and your practically sitting at her wedding, sans dress of course!  There is a really strong and extremely lovely sense of innocence, even a virginal feel if you will.  I love that with such a classic bridal idea, our sweet gal was given makeup & hair with a touch of retro flair, properly nodding to the conventional & traditional sense of the marriage visual.  This session is a fun departure from the artful moody, over sexy sessions, not to say that this isn’t art on its own, its simply a refreshing palette cleanser!


Vendor Love

Venue: Manor House Photography Studio | Photographer: Charlene Morton Photography