Why It Works Wednesday: 1800’s Bridal Style Goes Prairie Couture

Storyboard Wedding Why It Works Wednesday

Only a few short days ago the gals at Green Wedding Shoes  featured a workshop session put on by Three Nails Photography where the overall vibe was the 1800’s era out west with everything as authentic as can be from the extremely old furniture to the amazing wagon {used as a ceremony backdrop!}.  The styling, both decor as well as on person, was amazing, the table set up is to die for and the use of the Burtonesque umbrellas, superb!!  I highly suggest that you head to GWS to check out the full feature as I promise there are a lot of wonderful treats to covet!  It was however, the look of the bride that captured me so and I just knew I had to feature her look today for WIWW!!

Now before we get into it, remember, this is early 1800’s era out west, therefore the look is certainly not your everyday bride, which I quite love for that reason alone!  The team did a tremendous job staying true to a look of that time period all the while injecting a modern way of doing things when pulling the look together.  There are 2 main areas we will be focusing on: attire & hair\makeup, sounds obvious I know, but each has a few crucial elements that really make it shine.

1800's Victorian Wedding Bridal Style *Photographs by Three Nails Photography

Overall the look is bold, its meant to be bold.  Our gal clearly has style and on her wedding day she certainly wasn’t going out like a quiet prairie mouse.  In fact I might be as bold as to call the look as a whole, prairie couture!  The dress {a Kirstie Kelly gown} takes on a commanding role within the look with its cloud like fluffy yet wonderfully romantic design.  The full skirt of the gown is very reminiscent of the full skirts that the ladies wore back in the 1800’s, certainly not wearing anything form fitting much further down then at the corset line.  The beauty of this dress however is in its folds, which are wonderfully playful, totally whimsical and perfectly modern.  A dress like this will give a ton of beautiful movement, much like the way tall prairie grass will sway in the wind.  Were one to want to go with an 1800’s era theme for their wedding day, a dress in similar design would be in order.  When styling for a very specific era like this, selecting designs that hearken back yet are injected with modern lines, modern finishes, are the perfect blend between nodding to the old but staying fresh & current.

Three Nails Photography 1800 Victorian Wedding Bridal Style via Green Wedding Shoes 2

While the dress is wonderfully feminine and beautifully sweet, its the leather jacket & bowler hat were our gal gains a bit of spice and attitude!  Before I dive into each element, they both do something wonderful for our bride, by nature she is soft & feminine, in the dress, even more so.  The hat & jacket serve to give her a much needed touch of masculinity, to toughen her up if you will, in the most perfect of way.  When I view the look as a while, I see her almost straight out of a movie where something happened to her family, she was on her own, taken in by outlaws & become a bit of a badass herself, all the while  keeping that flashes of charm & beauty she grew up with.  The bowler hat is an awesome choice, one that I honestly might not have thought of myself!  Again its a more modern take, rounder edges then the typical bowler and softer lines.  While it is a masculine hat, it certainly is perfect for a female with all the curvy lines that soften it up so.  The hat provides sass and spunk giving our bride some serious personality not to mention fashion edge!

The dress is great, the hat is perfection, but let’s be honest here, its the jacket that we are all dying over, am I right?!  How brilliant is this jacket?!  I imagine whoever ran across this lil nugget of gorgeous fashion just about wee’d themselves on the spot with how incredibly perfect it was, especially for this shoot!  Just by being leather, its already a hell of a lot more modern of an element {leather jackets, esp like this, didn’t really exists quite yet} yet as you’ll no doubt note, its beautifully cut into an 1800’s style jacket.  The billowed shoulders, the loose sleeves, the buttonless front, even the color are all utterly divine!!  You’ll notice that as well the jacket is cut into a corset like bottom, equally echoing the styling of the period, yet with all the modern finishings.  My favorite piece to the jacket you ask….  did you see the duck tail!?  LOVE.  This jacket gives our girl some serious fashion sense & some serious badass flavor.  Tell me you don’t think she isn’t the most fashionable badass in the west!?

Three Nails Photography 1800 Victorian Wedding Bridal Style via Green Wedding Shoes 5

The last piece to our puzzle is the beautiful styling in hair and makeup.  True hair back in the time period wasn’t so often wild and free, typically women wore more updos, always presenting themselves in a more put together manner.  It was actually the more rebellious that dared to wear their hair loose & free beyond their childhood years.  The beauty to the these softly tumbling locks is the due diligence to which they were made,taking a more modern turn in how one creates them.  The waves are much more crisp, structured with an iron, then hand tousled, ultimately with product, to achieve a much more full ‘free spirited’ type of loose do.  In some twist of styling magic, the locks beautifully play both sides of the fence for our sweet romantic gal who certainly has attitude too!  Lastly the makeup is flawless, powerful and most certainly modern, but I am defiantly OK with that.  Our gal needs a strong look, as anything less will be swallowed whole by her ensemble.  The modern makeup reminds us that the 1800’s era was nothing more then style inspiration, not a time period she was trying to bring back to life.  The eyes are just bold enough without going over and I am loving the peachy pop to her lip.  Makeup can be one of the most powerful elements to your overall look on your wedding day, so be sure you don’t take it too lightly!!

I dont know about you guys, but I am seriously captivated by this look as a whole, and I need that jacket!!  While out of context this look might not make a lot of sense, but that really is the point of couples willing and wanting to venture into a heavily themed day.  The possibilities are endless and as you can see from the  full feature, the styling in other areas of the wedding create an environment that will transport & amaze.  Why not give your guests an experience that they likely have never had and certainly will not forget!  What are some of your favorite pieces to this old west puzzle?  Are you as in love with the elements full of attitude or are you a fan of the softer sweeter side our bride also has?  As always, do send in anything that you would  love to have design broken down & explained.  It would be my pleasure to make it a part of Why It Works Wednesday!

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photography + styling: Three Nails Photography // brides dress + long lace dress: Kirstie Kelly // bridesmaid dress 2: Vintage Ella Sven // make up: Meka Bennett Reliford // workshop venue: Los Paloma Benton, Louisiana // rentals:Pursuing Eden Vintage Rentals // flowers: Tulip Floral // cake: Silver Palate Cakery // horses: Seventh Heaven Ranch // videography: Psycle Films