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Storyboard Wedding Why It Works Wednesday

I don’t know about you guys, but I have always had a big thing for flowers.  I think its more then just some kind of a girl thing, too.  From all the brilliant variations of colors to the gorgeous & incredibly funky shapes and petals there is literally a flower for everyone.  I have a few favorites and some that most certainly will be growing in my garden {when the day comes!} but there is scarce a flower I out right don’t like.  Trust me, if I had my way, vases of fresh flowers would flow throughout my home on any given day!

Flowers come hand in hand with wedding decor, and personally, for that I am grateful!  Sure there are plenty of gorgeous ways to decorate with minimal to even no use of flowers what so ever, but we aren’t talking about those weddings today.  Whether your wedding has buzzwords around its design like romantic, elegant, offbeat, whimsical, you name it, there are flowers & the perfect arrangements just waiting to be played with.  Project Wedding featured a styled session with Love Poetry as the inspiration with a certain romantic undertone naturally.  While the entire session is lovely and I highly recommend it, my two favorite parts are the calligraphy poetry ceremony backdrop {a must see!} and the stunning bouquet crafted by Stephanie Major of  Petalos.  The style of this gorgeous gathering of blooms can certainly work for a variety of weddings, but bohemian, romantic & whimsical certainly lead the way in laying claim to this arrangement.

Whimsically Romantic Pink Red Hued Wedding Bouquet by Petalos Eric McVey Photography*Photograph by Erich McVey Photography

Its hard to ignore color for the largest breath of why this particular design works so very well.  Certainly just behind color is shape & texture with placement & binding wrapping things up {pun intended thank you very much!}.  Roses {traditional/garden}, stock, pepper berries, chocolate cosmos where used for the meat of the bouquet while mink protea and cockcomb where injected for textural interest.

Take A Spin On The Color Wheel:  One could make a pretty decent argument that this gathering of hues is somewhat monochromatic, kind of complimentary & possibly even analogous in color wheel temperature.  By definition monochromatic is a color and a collection of its tints & shades, of  which technically pink is a tint of red.  Therefore this seems to fit, but what about the greens & burnt orange to the wrap?  The orange certainly throws a touch of a wrench into defining where exactly it fits on the wheel, but the red hues & spots of greenery give a much more solid complimentary feel.  So what does that all mean, exactly?  Red and green, being natural opposites have a very organic  ability to get along and come together in visual harmony.  Green very  much takes a back seat within this bouquet, really allowing the various shades of red & pink to do the heavy lifting.  From pale pale pinks to fuchsia, even spots of traditional  proper red roses, the monochromatic red family is really well represented!  The result is a collection of super feminine & wonderfully romantic blooms that are visually captivating.  The real unsung hero in this arrangement however are the chocolate cosmos which create a visual void if you will, within the arrangement.  They make a viewer take pause to really ponder what is going on within the bouquet, much the way a person would be wistful & pensive when dealing with poetry, clever clever there Stephanie!  Lastly the braided velvet ribbon around the handle of the bouquet provides an interesting and possibly arresting contrast, one that is equally intriguing & curious, much like its chocolate cosmos friend!

Soft Pretty Things:  Call me crazy but there is just something about this bouquet that makes me feel that it is so incredibly soft and fluffy!  I realize that might sound ridiculous but bare with me.  The big softy maker for me are the ever gorgeous garden roses.  Their big beautiful round blooms, filled with tiny twisty petals on the interior are utterly divine and dreamy really creating a true billowy effect, non?  The greens, long wispy and playful, in their wonderful abstract placement serve to  give us a real sense of whimsy & airiness.  The blooms are terrifically placed in such a way as to create a visual like that of a soft cushy bed.  Even the velvet of the ribbon wrapped around the blooms has a matching texture to that of soft silken rose petals.   Are you picking up on my airy soft and fluffy vibe now!?   Then there are elements like the traditional  red roses, protea, & berries which serve up a much more defined structure, making sure our bouquet isn’t totally a weeping willow!  This bouquet as a whole has a major tactile essence being equally as romantic as the poetry that has inspired it.

Placement Perfect:  Creating a design that looks bohemian & free, is far more structured then one might think!  Trust me when I say that each bloom selection, placement, & its neighbor is carefully orchestrated & expertly planned.  The bouquet itself is perfectly packed with just the right tension level to allow for the weepier elements to ‘do their thing’ all the while being able to provide support allowing a finished look of polish and pose.  Like wise the handle of the bouquet is wrapped in a manner that may seem somewhat freestyle, but ensuring that the burnt orange is the most striking and visually present, is no mistake either!  With the right underlying structure, the right frame work, crafting a bouquet that is everything & anything can be done!

From the dreamy color palette to the billowy soft blooms, this  poetry in motion come wedding bouquet is perfection.  Whether the wedding is winter or the hot breath of summer, reds, pinks & greens will always play nice.  Bouquets are a terrific area to really put a stamp on your wedding,  showcasing your wedding buzzwords in physical manifestation.  What are some of your favorite elements to today’s bouquet?  Are you in love with the billowy effect as much as I am!?  Keep sending in your design breakdowns, I love seeing what interests everyone!

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Florist: Petalos | Photographer:  Erich McVey Photography