Why It Works Wednesday: The Sophisicated Abstract Blusher Veil

Storyboard Wedding Why It Works Wednesday

I’ve been crushing lately on some pretty amazing veils that have been floating around the Pinterosphere.  Truth be told, I was going to wear a veil, I was going to make my own bird cage veil, had the netting, had all the materials but when push came to shove my DIY dance card was full and I literally forgot about it.  Odd right?  A major piece of my wedding day look that literally completely slipped my mind.  I think it registered that I had forgotten it sometime just after the ceremony and I was a bit sad with myself.  See there is something so alluring about veils  for me, something that like nothing else says ‘I am a Bride’, an air of  sweet coyness that I personally wont ever get enough of!  On Friday I featured some pretty amazing black veils that are all sorts of bridal fashion forward amazing and if you missed it, I highly suggest you go scope out the eye candy!

Veils began as an article of clothing which was used to cover some part of the head or face, an area of significance.   Naturally as time went on, the role of the veil changed & evolved as it trickled its way through eras, religions & various cultural influences.  Veils were used for anything from covering a new bride to hide the face, hair & neck, to a show of modesty at funerals to outright sun protection.  As times became more refined & advanced the rigid role of the veil began to soften, allowing the veil to take more of a fashion statement type role.  In keeping with my veil obsession of late, I wanted to talk a bit about the blusher veil, particularly those made of fine tulle that create more of a fashion illusion.  I came to know of  Sara Gabriel, a lovely couture bridal accessory designer, who most certainly can wield modern day veils into something of an art piece!

Accessory Avenue SARA GABRIEL Veil Wendy

*Sara Gabriel Veil ‘Wendy’ via Accessory Avenue 

Blusher veils can have a rather loose definition, however in my general understanding, they are veils that come right around the nose line.   This particular veil is made of fine tulle finished with a floral accent, crafted with an adjustable fastener which allows for multiple styling options.  Playing around with a veil like this can be a LOT of fun.  Any blusher, birdcage type veil that is styled in a bandeau fashion {a strip of material used to wrap around} gives the wearer a  lot of options, tight to the face, slightly pulled away, even something more abstract & ethereal as they have styled ‘Wendy’ here.  What makes a presentation like the above so alluring is the couture take on it.  The styling of this blusher has a much more couture feel to it, allowing for the tulle to raise above the head creating an almost angelic like helmet look while the structure of the veil is used against itself to create unique pops & raises.  The true trick here however, is how the bottom of the veil, the portion closest to the nose, is pulled closer, tighter.  Doing so creates a much more sophisticated look, something more refined and chic, the visor to our helmet.  Allowing for the veil to pop & play, to take on an organic abstract like form, gives a wonderfully unique shape that is modern & couture, think Carrie Bradshaw!

Traditional veils & the traditional way of wearing them will always have a place in my heart, but truth be told, I am ever in love with the more fashion forward types of veils.  There is something so empowering in taking something as old & locked into tradition as a veil & giving it a modern fresh flip.  Were I to do it again, believe you me, I would NOT be forgetting my veil this time!  What is your take on veils, are you more for tradition or more for fashion?  Regardless of which line in the sand you stand on, I hope your able to see the beauty in veils that are more abstract & unique such as the styling of ‘Wendy’!