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Storyboard Wedding Why It Works Wednesday

The endless stream of creativity in weddings now a days is inspiring to no end.  Not too long ago Green Wedding Shoes featured a styled shoot with a focus on dreamy vintage fall inspiration & it was pretty much as amazing as it might sound.  A mix of blues, palettes of green hues, gentle browns & ivory all done with a the perfect earthy touch.  There are so many little details to this shoot that I fell in love with, however it was the show stopper piece that I couldn’t get out of my mind!  In effort to create a unique & wondrous ceremony backdrop, the team at  She Walks in Beauty crafted something that I would easily put into my home never mind dress my ceremony location!  What I’m talking about is a mega gorgeous birchwood arbor filled with vintage volumes!

Birchwood Book Filled Ceremony Backdrop White Photographie Styling by She Walks In Beauty via Green Wedding Shoes 1

*Photographs by  White Photographie 

Sure the size of the piece is an obvious element to its attraction, but there are actually a handful of clever reasons why this unique arbor is so pleasing.  The choice to work with birchwood is a great place to start.  Birches {and Aspens}, both uniquely white barked trees, tend to have a true storybook feel to them and by association a magical touch.  Realize it or not, we have certainly seen these types of trees involved in fairy tales, fantasy movies, even dark & mysterious works of art.  There is a mystique to the white tree and as such it plays beautiful into things here.   The thin white wood stalks, complete with all their yummy knotty goodness, not only bring that magical touch but a real mountainy earthy feel.  In my opinion, the use of just about any other wood type would not have had nearly the same effect.   Likewise, the varying cuts of mixed lengths to the each piece also work to create an organic feel to the structure, something with preciously measured out pieces would have given off something far too structured of a feeling.

Birchwood Book Filled Ceremony Backdrop White Photographie Styling by She Walks In Beauty via Green Wedding Shoes 2

The lattice work structure to the over all form is another one of the arbors strengths.  Structures that are created with wide open spaces tend to create a sense of freedom & even whimsy.  By using as few pieces as possible to create the arbor, the columns which hold everything together feel inspiring & generous versus imposing & ominous.  Naturally the openness design to the columns was also a necessary ‘evil’ if you will, so that an obvious element of whimsy could feel their spaces, old books!  Here again, neatly stacked and preciously organized books would have had a completely different effect.  By stacking the volumes in a mix match organized chaos type manner, we play on our sense of whimsy and delight.  We very easily could see stacks of randomly placed volumes in our own home, which appeals to our sense of being grounded.

The structure overall is a hearty piece, there is no missing it.  Even though it is so large & the open spaces are indeed filled in, thanks to the lightness of the wood & the openness of the structure itself, it gives off a feeling of freedom, something that fosters dreaminess in a way that could make your head swim!  Whether your a book nerd or just someone who appreciates unique designs, when meet with a volume filled birchwood arbor, I promise your heart will flutter, even if just a bit!