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If there is one thing above all that I love & appreciate the most about snow, it is how it seems to create this magical world where time & sound simply…. stop.  Have you ever noticed that…how when its snowing, it seems as if the world couldn’t  possibly be more peaceful?  Winter weddings are able to capture this very charm, there by creating an almost surreal dream like world.  While most brides covet the summer for their fete, its the truly special brides that know & appreciate the power that is winter, opting to capitalize on its beauty.  A team of amazing vendors from the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula joined together to craft a snow globe winter wedding fantasy to inspire future couples.  Allowing nature’s true beauty to supply the rustic elements, the team added touches like moss, deer antlers, and candles to vintage ladders, sleds & the tablescape.  Elements like old skis, snow shoes & figure skates were used as brilliant decor touches to inject the perfect Après Ski feel.  Bringing winter full circle, the bride was styled like an elegant snow princess with snowflake jewelry & a winter cape to keep warm.  This styled shoot highlights the magic that can unfold with winter weddings & I truly hope to see more adventurous brides going this route!

What Storyboard Likes…

Moss & Antlers– I have a serious thing for moss in design of late.  Moss is such a wonderful, easy to work with organic element that I even used it when I designed my brother-in-laws wedding.  Moss has a natural association with storybooks, you know, the bed of moss that the princess lays in and all, that it often takes on a magical form all its own.  The spongy earthy goodness is the perfect way to bring mother nature to the party, naturally complimenting pretty much any color palette.  Another choice natural element {one that is defiantly a hot wedding trend} are antlers.  I can’t say exactly why but there most certainly is a love affair going on with antlers in the decor department & I couldn’t be more on board myself to be honest.  I love their stark bone color & earthy element they undoubtedly bring.  Maybe its a Narnia thing…

Winter Wedding Sexy– Yeah you heard me, sexy!  For whatever reason weddings aren’t exactly associated with sexiness, but lets get real here, why shouldn’t they be?!  There is something oh so very yummy about the idea of cuddling up with your love.  Laughing & canoodling over hot tasty beverages.  Why should winter weddings be any different?!  You’ve got your honey, your in a magical white winter land, of course your going to want to be close!  Even though this shoot is perfectly PG there is something electrifying all the same about this snowy mossy affair, don’t you think!?

A Snowy Princess– If your after a winter wedding bride, there are some truly fun details you most certainly can {and should} play with!  The most obvious of course is a gorgeous winter cape.  In no other time of year can you rock a gorgeous cape that is as much a part of your overall look, as it is a simple accessory.  Whether you want to keep it pure white or inject everything from neutral colors to print, winter capes are an awesome accessory that every winter bride should play with!  Another sweet touch, much like our bride here, jewelry that gives a solid nod to winter is a lovelyoption, those made of diamonds will sparkle just like the glistening snow!  There is no rule for hair or dress when it comes to winter fetes, but those brides looking to rock a full lace sleeve, this is your time for sure!  Winter brides deserve to look like a snow princess, embody all the wonderfully fun elements of the winter wonderland!


Vendor Love

Dress Boutique: A Bride’s Choice | Jewelry: Vintage Kisses,Wood Jewelers | Hair: Jessica Mariin Professional Hair & Make Up | Floral Designer: Forsberg Floral | Baker: Superior Treats | Event Designer: Knots & Kisses | Photographer: Wren Photography