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Vibrant & Captivating Impressionistic Era Watercolor Inspired Wedding

The Impressionistic era was a powerful time in painting, heavily focusing on elements like the accurate depiction of light in its changing qualities.  Short “broken” brush strokes of mixed and pure unmixed colour were used to achieve an effect of intense colour vibration.  This blend of gorgeous colors left you with the feeling of something inanimate come alive.  Its easy to so how such beauty can inspire a unique wedding theme & style.  With an open palette, colors & patterns are allowed to run wild, crafting a beautiful symphony of attraction.  California photographer Siegel Thurston photography teamed with some stellar vendors to craft a modern watercolor wedding with a slight vintage nod to the 60’s.  The table set up is utterly divine and I am dying over the cake!!  Watercolor as  a source of wedding inspiration is phenomenal and I am sure you will think so too!


What Storyboard Likes…

Watery Colors = Delight– I am completely taken by the gorgeous idea of watercolors for wedding inspiration  I mean look at the amazing cake for example!  When your working with something like watercolors as inspiration, the beauty of it is wide berth that is given to achieve your goal.  Naturally florals go hand in hand with inspiring mixes of hues, but its the details in things like the stationary, the cake, the cupcake wrappers, and so forth that tie the watery blend of colors all together!

Floral, Floral & More Floral– As I noted just above, a very good friend to a watercolor theme is flowers!  I love the idea of going with a bright & vibrant floral print table cloth that itself has a very impressionistic feel!  I adore patterned linens and would love to see a reprisal of them in weddings!  Naturally the true blooms are the superstars, bright colorful leafy blooms with tons of petals that create many short lines for the eye vs hard defined ones, the essence of impressionism, non?  Be it prints or natural blooms, flowers are a watercolor themes best friend!

Escorting The Guests– I hate to say it, but escort cards & how they are displayed are all to often incredibly under styled elements in most weddings.  The set up here is simple with a few choice elements of interesting design, like the old phone & fringe lamp shade.  What I really love though are the lovely soft hankies that are knotted into a garland of sorts completely taking the entire presentation up a notch, not to mention tying back into the gorgeous floral impressionistic design!  Nothing too crazy but its enough to make the cards feel just as special as the rest of the wedding decor, another lovely step in the day, not something that breaks from the wedding magic!

Vendor Love

Venue: Darlington House | Fashion Stylist: CBS Lifestylist | Jewelry: Alber Rezko | Hair: Kalyn Sieminski hair | Make Up: Melissa Rae & Co | Florist: Grand floral | Props & Tableware: Vintage vault | Rentals: Farm Tables and More | Linens: La Tavola | Paper | Products: Poppy Print | Event Design: Sara Mackenzie Creative & Laura Lorraine Designs | Photography: Siegel Thurston photography