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Makapuu Beach Sunrise Hawaiian Boudoir Adorned By Roses

Boudoir is often thought of in only one way, lingerie clad and overly sexy.  There are, in fact, many other stunning & wonderful interpretations of boudoir, not all in lingerie either.  Today’s styled shoot from wedding photographer Vanessa Hicks Photography rides a gorgeous line between Hawaiian boudoir meets sunrise bridal session.  No matter which you decide […]

Puerto Rico Getaway At Blue Boy Inn Featuring The Perfect Tropical Boudoir Session

With the temperature steadily dropping heading into fall, this tropical boudoir treat from Puerto Rico wedding photographer Vanessa Vargas Photography feels almost like a saving grace!  Nestled into the garden oasis that is the Blue Boy Inn, we’re gifted with a steamy tropical boudoir session that is just as sexy as it is all about the covered beauty.  Working […]