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Want to take a trip to paradise without even leaving Oregon? That’s what these master vendors did at The Haul, an urban restaurant/venue in the heart of Grants Pass. The vivid dream that came to life through Events with Becca and Lilys and Horns Photography was to bring the tropics to an industrial venue in a modern and fresh way and that is exactly what happened!

In looking through the refreshing photos of the shoot, it’s hard to find a single detail that doesn’t instill a bold emotion or a sweet aftertaste. Everywhere you look, citrus fruits, pastel florals, and lush green palm leaves fill the screen. Roam the Bar featured the most delicious fruit-filled charcuterie board and that theme continued on with the cake. At first glance, Munchkin Moo Crew’s cake may seem like just a classic white one, but on top of that sweet goodness are coconut flakes that give you that extra reminder of an oasis.

To continue the bold and brave spirit, Motif Event Rentals and Rosewood Vintage Rentals‘ lounge chairs filled the room. Lulu’s caped gown gave the model that final touch to complete the styled session. Lastly, Freckled Fleurs (florals) brings the whole mood home with the deep greenery and bright pops of color.

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