1. Puerto Rico Getaway At Blue Boy Inn Featuring The Perfect Tropical Boudoir Session

    With the temperature steadily dropping heading into fall, this tropical boudoir treat from Puerto Rico wedding photographer Vanessa Vargas Photography feels almost like a saving grace! Nestled into the garden oasis that is the Blue Boy Inn, we're gifted with a steamy tropical boudoir session that is just as sexy as it is all about the covered beauty. Working with long flowing veils & head scarves from Cloried Postiche along with a uniquely feathered garter from Kim D'Or, its really all about the stylish details that make it so chic. Araunas Make Up did a gorgeous job articulating just the perfect loose & swoopy braided updo, a look that eats up the tropical atmosphere. Paired perfectly with the world around her, our dreamy gal also carries a tropical inspired bouquet from Rincon Events, hinting ever so subtle back to our loosely swept up do. The beauty to Vanessa's tropical boudoir is the perfect mix of oasis like setting, feminine lingerie choices and the touch of blooms, each carefully crafted to elevated every moment, allowing for the most cozy of tropical boudoir moments!

  2. Natural Light Loving Charleston Middleton Place Plantation Garden Boudoir

    You know I am a sucker for outdoor boudoir! There is just something so very perfect about being a la nature, in just a few simple things and letting natural light take its course. Tennessee wedding photographer JoPhoto headed down to Charleston South Carolina to meet up with one of her bride's for a dreamy garden boudoir session. Charleston is nothing if not a land with endless beauty, this time calling upon the sprawling grounds of Middleton Place Plantation. The beauty to this garden boudoir is simple white lingerie choices, the botanical surroundings absent of colorful blooms, and a touch of greens for our girl herself. The natural beauty of both Allison & Middleton Place truly take center stage, once again proving not all boudoir need scream obvious sex. To mix things up a touch, the duo also played with gorgeous veils and head caps from Kelly Spence making for some deliciously iconic veil shrouded frames. Shrouded veils shots are stunning enough, toss them into a natural surroundings and they are down right breathtaking, non? You're never going to get me over outdoor boudoir sessions, and I firmly believe today's garden boudoir is just another visit to the proof is in the pudding check box!

  3. Sunset Bridal Beach Boudoir Session Along The Charleston Coastline

    Having literally just gotten back from the beach myself, I gotta say I am particularly taken with the idea of not just a beach boudoir, but one that features a gorgeous veil from Kelly Spence as a centerpiece. Set along the Carolina coastline just off Charleston, JoPhoto crafted a twilight vision using the beautiful warm rays, rolling surf and driftwood castaways to paint this dreamy beach boudoir session. The beauty is in the simplicity. Donning the perfect negligee that simply teased, paired only with the floor sweeping veil, Allison's Charleston boudoir was playful and coy. While JoPhoto does a gorgeous job giving us the usual artful boudoir moments, its those that take the veil out of its clean crisp environment that the magic really begins to happen. There is something so truly naughty about taking such a delicate thing as a veil, getting grains of sand & sea debris twisted within, and ultimately plunging into the blue sea with it. Something innocent all while a bit mischievous, that beautifully echoes the heart of boudoir.

  4. Beautifully Moody Black And White Boudoir

    Ok I cheated... its not 100% black and white but the few images that aren't deliver just as deeply in the moody beautifullness as their B&W kin. Pacific Northwest wedding photographer Kel Ward Photography dropped a treat on us all in the form of a gorgeously moody boudoir session, shot in home, that uses the strength & power that is film like quality. The story is simple, gorgeous Jessica captured in her own environment, surrounded by natural light, with the beauty of contrast to tell the story. A mark of a great B&W shooter is someone who realizes that they should not be afraid of contrast, the powerful highlights and the even more powerful shadows. To know just to to play with the exposure so that detail isn't lost, simply translated into a more profound way, is the real beauty. Kel Ward does a gorgeous job of bringing this boudoir session to life in a way that is so much more. I love a great black and white session, an art that needs to be brought to life so much more often!