1. The 2 Step Secret To Your Most Beautiful Wedding Day Smile

    It finally happens. The moment is here. He drops to one knee and a breathless yes tumbles from your lips. If you are anything like me, immediately following the moment, you wore a full on smile to the point of your cheeks aching with glee! The adventure beings in so many ways with one simple question. As you’re swept into a world of all things bridal it’s easy to get caught up in all the madness that is wedding planning, sometimes forgetting the smaller details. One detail however, is major and never leaves you, so make sure the element that will lead you through it all, is well prepared… your smile!

  2. 9 Wedding Trends That Need To Give It Up To The New Cool Kids In Class

    Trends can be tricky, in any world. As Ms. Klum put it best, "One Day You're In, The Next Day You're Out!" It seems that when it comes to wedding trends, the length of stay can become a bit exaggerated, rinse & repeating for an almost forever like period of time. As someone who flits through weddings on a daily basis, I've seen more then my share of repeaters and as such, want to inspire a new round of hot tamale trends that will help to break the mold into a new cycle of wedding hotness! Now don't get me wrong, any trend that ever existed had a right to be there and anything that was indeed a trend was so because it was popular & appreciated. In no way am I saying any of these are ugly or unworthy, rather I am simply offering a fresh take, & a new look!

  3. Why It Works Wednesday: The Bohemian Outdoor Palette Lounge

    Not to long ago, Green Wedding Shoes featured a pretty amazing anniversary session in South Africa shoot by Adene Photography with a guest appearance by a.... cheetah! Now I could go on forever about why I think cheetahs are awesome, but alas, they are not the center focus of today's design breakdown. The styling for the shoot as a whole, from fashion to floral to decor, is a complete knockout and honestly I could talk about the entire thing, however there is one particular area that I really wanted to zero in on, the amazingly cool floral canopied palette lounge set up. I see outdoor lounge areas crafted all the time with various unique elements, but there is a certain something about this particular setup that is a bit otherworldly & wildly enchanting!

  4. How to Get The Most Out Of Getting Ready For Your Wedding

    The morning of your wedding should be a peaceful & lively {in a fun way!} affair. I often hear about brides who run behind, go into chicken with their heads cut off mode, all of which is a direct result of, well I hate to say it, poor planning. Whether organization is your strong suit or not, there are a few key steps every bride should follow leading up to & most especially the night before the wedding day. Working a few key elements will ensure everything flows as it is absolutely intend & more so, when you look back on your day {photographically speaking}, you got everything out of that morning you possible could have.