1. Why It Works Wednesday: Blue Tolie Wedding Cake

    Its funny how certain patterns {literal patterns as seen in china & cloth for example} we grow to love & appreciate as we mature. I can remember seeing certain designs and only seeing something old, boring & certainly of no interest to me. Fast forward a 'few years' and all of the sudden, like a veil being lifted off my eyes, these classic beauties are now something highly covet worthy and in the right hands a weapon of design inspiration. Such a pattern for me was Toile. I remember seeings yards of toile that my mom had and deciding pretty much immediately that it was clearly something that was passed down, in a no one wanted it kind of way, a left over from someone's grandmother if you will. Cut to planning our own wedding and damn if all of the sudden I am IN.LOVE. with tolie working it into my designscape! It just goes to show, the classics are classics for a reason!

  2. Why It Works Wednesday: The Beauty Of The Naked Cake

    For today's Why It Works, we are stripping down to our bare selves, our naked self, in the form of an utterly gorgeous {& delicious!} wedding trend, The Naked Wedding Cake! Perhaps you don't know exactly what I am talking about but rested assured, you've already seen at least one or two. Naked cakes are those that go sans frosting around the sides of the cake {frosting in between layers is certainly fair game!}, leaving the appeal of the cake to be in its natural, uncovered beauty of the spongy goodness of the cake itself. The beauty in this design, the color of the cake itself can set a tone and influence the look and feel that your going for, another fun way to bring something to life! Vanilla cakes & those with a lightly colored cake batter, volia, a blonde naked cake! Conversely a chocolate cake, or any other dark battered cake will get you a wonderfully moody sultry treat! My favorite part to naked cake designs is that the fun does not stop at just the beauty of the cake alone, the other side to the naked cake's beauty is in it's fillings & toppings, in the form of frosting, berries, caramel, honey, natural blooms and so much more! There is a limitless amount of creative elements that can be put together, while the real value is that these frosting shedding cakes can easily transcend a number of different wedding themes & styles!

  3. Growler Station & Bourbon Bar Lay The Ground Works For This Gentleman’s Southern Living Fete

    Make no mistake, today's feature is geared toward the masculine {and of course the ladies who appreciate a more gentlemanly pastime!} dripping in some of southern living's finer instruments of leisure! One of my favorite crews from South Carolina has returned, this time throwing an engagement party focusing more on the groom to be! Sampling from some truly terrific southern treats, racks of BBQ ribs slaw & the like were the meal of choice, while a craft beer growler station was set up to wash down the tasty meats. For those seeking a more refined sipping style, a Bourbon Bar was erected, featuring some of the south's finest ranging from light honey to deep amber in tones. What is celebrating with the boys if not puffing on a fine, freshly hand rolled cigar made on site to bring that extra special touch! Upstairs at Midtown played the perfect host for this wonderfully masculine affair, featuring rooms with exposed brick, barn wood flooring and elegant molding. Tables were set with gold rimmed fish plates, vintage silverware and adorned with touches like deer antlers, gentlemen's flasks and silver camping cups. Being a bit of a tomboy myself, I connect with this vibe on some many levels. Its earthy, woody, strong, dark where it needs to be, a wonderfully neutral based color palette, and perfectly zeros in on some of the finer things to please all inner foodies & frosty beverage lovers alike. This masculine leaning affair is the perfect example of why not all wedding things should simply be fluffy pink and pretty. As you can see, every now and again, strong earthy with a touch of androgyny makes for one heck of an amazing fete!

  4. Preppy Country Club Wedding Gets Turned Up A Notch In Navy And Spring Greens With Butter Yellow Accents

    Country club preppy gets a bit of a make over today, making things modern & fresh while being injected with sharp navy & crisp citrus tones and a vintage nod! The plan was to create a more modern world, with clean lines and delicate styling that would infuse the day with the energy and spirit of a more youthful whimsy. Touches like sliced limes playfully popped in and out of the florals while sweet vintage elements like pale green cookies, vintage lollipops & sodas even the bride's Breakfast At Tiffany's inspired updo give the perfect in trend retro feel. Why have just one flower girl & ring bearer when you can have 2 of each! The children are real stars, utterly adorable in their perfect preppy dress not to mention their youthful exuberance! The final piece was to take the party out of the country club quite literally, stepping out from the typical indoor setting, to under the swaying arms of the giant trees. Dining al fresco, the team was able to capture that country club feel without the stuffy indoor setting, setting the table with gorgeous gold chiavari chairs, deep blue plates, and the perfect short centerpieces. Bands of stripes run throughout the design, tying everything together as well as injecting the perfect amount of stylish whimsy from the seat cushions and lollis to the cake bands & bow ties! I love the citrus touches, both literally as well as in color palette, and the simple act of moving things outdoors, frees up that old country club mentality and making it something new and fresh!