1. Why It Works Wednesday: The Non-Traditional Bridesmaid Dress

    • Why It Works Wednesday: The Non-Traditional Bridesmaid Dress
    • Why It Works Wednesday: The Non-Traditional Bridesmaid Dress

    Before we jump into the goods, lets chat about why these non-traditional dresses are becoming such a force to be reckoned with. First and foremost, whether you realize it or not, your bridal party helps to set the tone for the look & feel of your day. In essence they are almost like a palette for you to work from.... cover them all in red satin dresses and you know your in for a more traditional cookie cutter wedding. Dress them up in chic lace baby blue dresses with killer heels finished with sweet updos and your curiosity is peeked as to what else is going on under the hood of the wedding. The beauty to the non-traditional bridesmaid dress however is in the ease to finding them {anywhere from Old Navy to Bergdorf Goodman!} as well as the true reality which is that these lovely frock actually can be worn again by your ladies after the wedding! I love when I hear people trying to convince themselves or others that a traditional dress can be worn again. You can cut it, you can dye but no matter what, they always end up looking like a bridesmaid dress, it simply is what it is.

  2. Why It Works Wednesday: The Bohemian Outdoor Palette Lounge

    Not to long ago, Green Wedding Shoes featured a pretty amazing anniversary session in South Africa shoot by Adene Photography with a guest appearance by a.... cheetah! Now I could go on forever about why I think cheetahs are awesome, but alas, they are not the center focus of today's design breakdown. The styling for the shoot as a whole, from fashion to floral to decor, is a complete knockout and honestly I could talk about the entire thing, however there is one particular area that I really wanted to zero in on, the amazingly cool floral canopied palette lounge set up. I see outdoor lounge areas crafted all the time with various unique elements, but there is a certain something about this particular setup that is a bit otherworldly & wildly enchanting!

  3. Why It Works Wednesday: The Natural Beauty Of Nature

    To me, sometimes the most beautiful things, are those that are the simplest things and such is the case with today's gorgeous WIWW. If you ever wanted to see a wonderfully unique & especially fun idea for a wedding, I implore you to head over to Green Wedding Shoes to check out this super cool, real wedding, at a Frontier Village! From the location to all the little details, its pretty clear to see why the guests had such an amazing time. There was one piece in particular that caught my eye, the table setting.

  4. Why It Works Wednesday: Dressed Up Casual Groomsmen